The Best Things in Life Are Rescued
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A Tribute to Our Four-Legged Friends

There is an innate spark in all of us – a light that shines and gives life to the emotion that defines who we are – love. This love takes many forms, between people, children and of course, animals. In many ways the love between an animal and human is some of the most pure. They give their all for no other reason than that they love us – there are no ulterior motives, and no loyalty like that of an animal to his master.

Not every animal is so blessed as to know this light; to have found love and the connection that can exist when the situation allows. For many, they are abandoned or cast off. Even worse are those that are mistreated, neglected or abused. They still have the light spark themselves, and will lick the boot that kicks them for they know no other way.

The animals that wind up in rescue come from a myriad of situations all with different histories. Each story is different, but one component is the same: Love. Whether they have known it or have yet to feel it – the duty we embrace is to show them that love is not the exception – it is the rule. To reflect that Life is BETTER – that they will have a tomorrow and that being with us is simply a transitional way point between their future and their past.

Sometimes, no matter what we are willing to sacrifice, some animals come to us with a different purpose. They come to find an end to their suffering. These souls need us for a reason that is similar in nature – to show them that there is love and that in death, their life is celebrated and mourned...even if they never had a name. When you accept municipal cast offs, some are too sick to make the transition forward. And so for them, we offer the greatest gift for it carries a heavy burden – a peaceful death and a tearful goodbye – so that they know love even if only for the briefest of moments.

It is my sincere belief that there IS a hereafter, and if the light that is my four legged companions cannot join me, then it wouldn’t really be heaven would it? I have no doubt I will see them again, and share the love that is eternal and binds us all.

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful
The Lord God made them all.

And when He decides to take them,
Lord bless them on their way,
For there they wait in heaven,
For my return someday.